Tender Reviews

Tender Reviews

Do you need an independent party to review tender applications and determine which is the best option for you to accept? Then WhatsItCost can help you!

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Whether you are a large company and require adjudications of hundreds of tender applicants every year. Or perhaps you’re a soon-to-be homeowner and unsure about which builders quote you should accept – the team at WhatsItCost can help you to choose the best applicant.

Having an independent third-party to help you adjudicate your tender applications can be highly beneficial and is definitely a worthwhile investment prior to commencing your project.

5 things we look for in Tender Applications include:

  1. Does the Tender match the Plans?
  2.  Has the correct Materials List been used?
  3. Are the Materials supplied from the best source?
  4. Is the Labour Estimate practical?
  5. Are there any other factors that may affect the project?
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